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Pastor Robert Kayanja (on the right) of Miracle Centre hands over the precious bibles to Pastor Robert Kibuuka.

To some people, a bible is simply a book, but to us at MMCC, it is a door to greater things, such as doors that can never be shut.

I remember when I was young and people in Africa would schedule and fill their day in a way that would enable them to be available to watch the TV program and hear the radio broadcast of Jimmy Swaggart. A large number of today's African pastors were inspired and moved by this man from America. It is the soulful worship of Jimmy Swaggart on my Ipod that inspires me every time I prepare to take the pulpit.

Over the years, Jimmy Swaggart has taught the world the Word of God by preaching from the pulpit, singing in adoring worship and by setting an example in his daily life for all to see. He has probably preached on Hebrews 11:27 where it says Moses "persevered because he saw Him who is invisible," but Jimmy Swaggart's life has taught us by example how to persevere and endure when everything is in despair. Despite the naysayers, the tests and trials, he keeps singing of the Lord's goodness. Jimmy Swaggart taught me that it is not the falls, mistakes or blunders that define us. It is the courage to rise up under the frightening weight of adversity, believing we will mount up with wings as eagles that tells the world who we are and WHOSE we are. He demonstrated to me how I can fly through the storm and reach the other side stronger and wiser.

Most recently, Jimmy Swaggart taught me the value of giving. After telling Brother Marty about the way Jimmy Swaggart impacted my life, and ministry, he shared it back home at the ministry. We soon received word through Brother Martin Martinez that Jimmy Swaggart Ministries was sending MMCC 300 of copies of the new Expositor's Study Bible. I was completely amazed by another show of God's mind-boggling goodness and provision.

The pictures to the left show the handing out of the bibles to MMCC pastors in Masindi, but also to the village pastors of the entire western region! After receiving the bibles, we prayed for favor and blessing for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and prayed we would put this awesome gift to work for the good of the Kingdom. Most of these men and women have never beheld, much less owned such an exquisite and valuable Sword! People were speechless by the gift. Not only is it a beautiful bible, but the theological insights are priceless. The majority of Ugandan village pastors have never had the opportunity to attend a bible college. It is a tremendous resource that is being put to good use for the glory of God's Kingdom! The gift of these Swords are changing our church, the community and the district.

From the pastors of MMCC and our village churches, we offer our heartfelt gratitude to Jimmy Swaggart, the Sonlife Ministry and Marty Martinez and his beautiful wife Debbie for their generous gift. Thank you for being obedient to the mighty call on your life and ministry.

So That We May Know Him,

Pastor Rwomushana Robert Kibuuka


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